Maybe it’s already obvious, but our beliefs drive our work

Our mission is to lead the world in residential energy savings through smart, artificial intelligence-based solutions.


Our vision is to empower users to have absolute and real-time control over residential energy costs and savings.

We want Akeptus™ to change the world and the future of humansAkeptus™ was born out of a passionate desire to contribute by using the most advanced technology.
  • Mission

    Our mission is to lead the world in residential energy savings through smart, Artificial Inteligence-based solutions.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to empower users to have absolute and real-time control over residential energy costs and savings.

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    1. We believe that climate change is real

    Climate change is no longer just a debatable concept. It’s becoming a full-fledged movement, gaining more and more energy and momentum every day.

    Most obviously, you see it in the increasing numbers of electric cars on the road every day. Electric vehicles, renewable energy, and social acceptance of climate change belief were once considered on the fringe.

  • Human-made factories and power plants mercilessly polluting the atmosphere
    2. We believe that climate change is intensifying

    Let’s get real, our demand for electricity is only rising. As increasing demand presses on power plants and energy infrastructure, the cost of electricity predictably increases.

    If you do a simple online search asking about “predictions for future water scarcity,” you’ll get a long list of other problems to worry about. Climate change is going in the wrong direction.

  • Refugee camp tents in front of a burned forest
    3. We believe that climate change drives human conflict

    As climate change intensifies, the effects drive conflict and mass emigrations. Look how droughts led to civil wars, which then led to unrest as immigrants poured in.

  • Human hands holding the Globe carefully with notible green sprout popping here and there
    4. We want to empower ordinary world citizens to defeat climate change

    We believe in using our gifts—in our case, that’s coding—to empower fellow humans. After all, if Microsoft® and Apple® can change how humans work and live, Akeptus™ can “save the world.”

    OK, that may seem a little exaggerated now, but everybody laughed at Microsoft’s vision at the beginning too.

  • People's hands raised up in a protest against injustice and discrimination
    5. We also want to contribute to social justice

    We admit it, we’re idealists. We also want to use coding to contribute to social justice. It already seems that “the system” is rigged against those who are economically at the bottom.

    When energy costs are disproportionate to income, we think there’s unfairness. We want to help you keep money in your pocket instead of giving it to energy companies.

Our core values drive every team member and all our workAkeptus’s team is tight-knit, and each member is passionate about the work we do. We choose to be an instrument of positive environmental change. These are the values that drive each of us every day.
  • Innovation

    We believe that innovation drives the future. We constantly challenge ourselves to give you the tools you need to manage energy usage and costs.

    We want to rip the mystery off your residential energy usage. The more we can provide you a clear picture of energy use—as it’s happening—the better energy choices you can make.

  • Community Involvement

    Fixing climate change starts with our community. To us, community outreach feeds environmental momentum.

    We stay active with our communities. We value and contribute to social and environmental sustainability by both volunteering and donating to organizations.

  • The Power of an Expert Team

    Our team is diverse and inclusive, and each member is driven by integrity and values. Our skills include energy managers, developers, database managers, engineers, designers, lawyers, and customer service professionals. We are committed to smart energy, mitigating waste, and maximizing productivity and efficiency.

    We’re inspired in our work to continuously challenge, empower each other, and work collaboratively. That seems like the easiest, fastest way to correct climate change.

  • Customer Empowerment

    Above all else, we want to empower our customers to create positive impact on climate change. We want to place the exact knowledge you need to affect climate change in real time right in your hands.

    After all, having that information seems like a reasonable expectation. The real question is, “Why haven’t consumers been provided this transparency all along?”

Where to next?

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