Akeptus™ benefits you in four major waysYou don’t have to understand artificial intelligence and machine learning to use Akeptus
  • Proactive Management and Savings:
    🏠 Tailored recommendations for every home
    🔔 Predictable Utility Costs
    🛠️ Smart living for peak efficiency
    🏡 Centralized control
  • Personalized Tracking and Control:
    🎯 Personalized energy goals
    🏡 Anywhere, anytime control
    🌡️ Climate control
    💡 Light & security
    🔌 Smart plug management
  • Maximizing Savings and Efficiency:
    🌿 Maximized savings and efficiency
    📲 Seamless smart device management
    💰 Utility rebates and expert support
  • Seamless Onboarding and Adaptation:
    🚀 Seamless onboarding process
🤔 What's in it for You? Why Should You Care?You're after real value and tangible benefits, right? Let's get straight to how Akeptus™ enriches your experience:
  • 1

    User-Friendly Interface:
    Say goodbye to tech jargon. Navigate Akeptus™ with ease and confidence.

  • 2

    Real-Time Analytics:
    Empower yourself to make informed decisions on the fly, backed by live data.

  • 3

    Secure Data Encryption:
    Rest easy with the assurance that your data is safeguarded through robust encryption.

  • 4

    Customizable Dashboards:
    Tailor your workspace to your unique needs, making your daily tasks more efficient.

Dive into Akeptus™ and elevate your productivity to new heights. 🚀
Saves Energy Costs
  • Akeptus™ detects your usage patterns in real time. It automatically applies that information to save you energy usage and costs.
  • Akeptus™ detects equipment cycling patterns and saves you money by applying learned patterns to future use.
  • Akeptus™ detects a new problem that could result in a cost increase for you. It “thinks” about the new cost problem, applies learning from its other “experiences”, and tries to solve the cost problem pre-emptively.
  • If Akeptus™ can’t fix the problem, it sends you an anomaly report.
  • Akeptus™ constantly learns and updates its “mindware” to manage your energy costs.
Optimizes Building Comfort
  • Pattern recognition controls building mechanics to keep residents comfortable in real time.
  • You see direct information—in real time—showing how your comfort decisions impact your budget.
  • Akeptus™ understands your comfort preferences and tries to achieve them within your energy budget constraints.
  • Every time you provide an energy setpoint, Akeptus™ tells you the impact it has on your energy usage and on your cost per hour and day.
  • You tell Akeptus™ what levels of comfort you want, and it delivers.
Operational Efficiency
  • Pattern recognition improves operational efficiency by automatically controlling building mechanics.
  • Akeptus™ operates on autopilot in the background and corrects imminent inefficiencies before they happen.
  • If Akeptus™ cannot fix a problem, it sends you an anomaly report so you can take action.
  • Akeptus™ recognizes efficiency problems such as excessive power cycling and unbalanced multi-phase load, and it automatically takes corrective action.
Saves Energy Costs
  • Akeptus™ tells you when there is a problem, which you can then make a decision to correct.
  • Akeptus™ recommends decision options.
  • Akeptus™ tells you estimated cost of taking corrective action.
  • Akeptus™ demonstrates when billed utility energy usage or cost is wrong.
  • Akeptus™ improves billing transparency by making sure you are only charged by utility companies for the actual use of energy.
  • Akeptus™ advises you what to do to get a rebill or a refund from the utility company.
Optimizes Building Comfort
  • Akeptus™ allows users to provide feedback and continuously “correct” the system to create optimal comfort.
  • You start with a default setting and fine-tune it for your own preferences.
  • Akeptus™ recommends a new temperature setpoint as it learns your comfort needs.
  • Akeptus™ automatically notifies you when it has adjusted your temperature. You can always override this activity.
  • If there are any changes in building comfort, Akeptus™ sends an anomaly report.
  • Akeptus™ gives you options in real time when you can take immediate action.
  • Akeptus™ handles changing seasons, switching heating to cooling for you.
  • If any of the residents require more attention, such as infants, the elderly, or the sick,, Akeptus™ learns their needs.
Operational Efficiency
  • Akeptus™ identifies unusual changes in the building, recommends improvements, and executes actions if needed.
  • When unexpected changes occur such as a guest changing the HVAC settings—you are notified. Akeptus™ then tells you the implications of the change.
  • Akeptus™ recognizes “signature anomalies” that could point to equipment faults and sends you an anomaly report.
Saves Energy Costs
  • Akeptus™ tells you the right amount of energy you need in the building—using learned data.
  • Akeptus™ provides bill analysis to ensure that you are paying the right rates, and spending the right amount on energy.
  • When you review energy usage on Akeptus™, you see real-time energy consumption and its related cost. You can then make decisions to prevent getting a big bill.
  • Akeptus™ improves billing transparency by making sure your utility company only charges you for the actual use of energy.
Optimizes Building Comfort
  • By cutting resources where they are not being used, Akeptus™ ensures comfort.
  • Akeptus™ analyzes the amount of energy needed and the equipment involved.
  • Akeptus™ then tells you how to cycle the energy to maximize comfort.
Operational Efficiency
  • Akeptus™ provides maximum efficiency by analyzing consumption of energy in your building and equipment.
  • You receive anomaly reports when experiencing scheduling errors, such as linked systems not operating together or excessive pre-cooling.
  • You are notified of inefficiencies, such as having outside lights on during daylight hours.
  • You are notified when equipment is not functioning well and needs to be maintained or replaced.
  • You get information on projects (major and minor) you need to work on to correct operational inefficiencies. Akeptus™ tells you what you need to budget to make these corrections.
Saves Energy Costs
  • Intelligent Energy Auditing identifies building improvements that save energy costs.
  • Akeptus™ suggests a list of projects—by priority—that could save energy costs.
  • Some utility companies give credits when you manage your energy costs.
  • Akeptus™ performs customized, real-time, ongoing energy audits, not generic rudimentary energy company audits.
  • There may be tax incentives or rebates for energy-saving purchases.
Optimizes Building Comfort
  • Akeptus™ tells you where and when energy is being used and how to optimize comfort.
  • If energy is being wasted where there is no occupancy, Akeptus™ sends you a report. You can choose to divert those resources into either your comfort or savings.
  • You get a report on how you could correct the problem.
  • Akeptus™ works from occupant feedback.
  • If the problem is severe, Akeptus™ can autocorrect it for you.
Operational Efficiency
  • Know in real time what’s not working efficiently, why, and what repair is needed.
  • Identify accumulated inefficiencies across your building.
  • Compare your building’s energy end uses (such as lighting, and HVAC) to national standards.
  • Akeptus™ makes two kinds of recommendations: #1. Building-operation-based (need to change how you’re operating things) and #2. Project-based (need to fix something).
Saves Energy Costs
  • Akeptus™ tells you the expected cost and energy usage of your building on a continuous basis.
  • This allows for budget certainty and control.
  • Empowers you to take preventative action to reduce your costs.
Operational efficiency
  • Identifies energy waste and continuously optimizes building performance.
Saves Energy Costs
  • Undiagnosed issues are highlighted—so you can get them resolved before they cost you additional money.
Optimizes Building Comfort
  • Akeptus™ encourages occupants to become more actively engaged in building their comfort.
  • Akeptus™ takes occupant input about comfort and satisfaction with their building environment. It prioritizes occupant preferences and consistently works to improve occupant comfort.
  • Akeptus™ provides personalized building comfort.
Operational Efficiency
  • Akeptus™ uses occupant input about comfort preferences to manage equipment efficiency tradeoffs. Akeptus™ prioritizes occupant comfort.
  • When equipment is not running well, Akeptus™ tells you exactly what equipment problems you might have.
  • Akeptus™ also tells you exactly what kind of technician you need to bring in to fix the problem.
Saves Energy Costs
  • Akeptus™ automatically reduces energy consumption—and costs—by adjusting temperature settings in buildings.
  • The Smart Thermostat Control feature effectively identifies and corrects any unnecessary energy usage.
  • Akeptus™ manages your costs based on occupancy, running in the background while you live your life.
Optimizes Building Comfort
  • Akeptus™ automatically adjusts temperature settings in buildings to optimize occupants’ comfort.
  • Occupants’ comfort is prioritized.
  • You’re not even aware that these adjustments are being made.
Operational Efficiency
  • Akeptus™ monitors equipment problems like thermostat malfunctions or having both heating and cooling on at the same time.
  • Akeptus™ automatically adjusts temperature settings to maintain equipment efficiency.
  • Akeptus™ sees the effect of equipment issues on your costs and notifies you.
  • Akeptus™ also monitors CO2 levels and automatically cycles more oxygen into the building if needed.
Saves Energy Costs
  • Akeptus™ identifies inefficiencies so you can take action to save energy.
  • See in real time if any plugged in device is running up your costs.
  • Know exactly how much each device costs to run.
  • Manage usage to control your costs.
Optimizes Building Comfort
  • Judiciously manage plugged-in devices so that your comfort is maintained while controlling cost.
Operational Efficiency
  • Akeptus™ allows you to quantify, regulate, and oversee individual plug loads.
  • Akeptus™ identifies inefficiencies in average kilowatt usage.
  • Akeptus™ can automatically control these devices for you if needed.
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