Akeptus™ puts artificial intelligence to work for youDiligently saving you money, keeping you comfortable, and monitoring equipment

When you read those headlines, you might think, “That sounds too good to be true.” While we understand the skepticism, we assure you that it is all true.

That’s all possible because Akeptus™ is at the leading edge of technology. Let’s start to explain how it works in simple terms.

Akeptus™ takes massive amounts of data to a central location and analyzes it for youNormally, this data resides in multiple different systems and is never connected. In reality, each of these different sources directly impacts the others, but, before Akeptus™, they only functioned separately. To make this a little easier to understand, let’s take a quick look at some of those sources of data.
  • External Weather Data
    Outside temperature and humidity directly affect building comfort and energy costs.
  • Internal Building Temperature Data
    Temperature and humidity inside a building are the starting points for providing comfort and energy savings.
  • Electricity Data
    Energy usage at any particular time is measured in Kilowatt Hours KWH (power consumption of 1,000 watts for 1 hour). This is an energy usage hard metric that drives Akeptus™'s operation.
  • Occupancy Data of Building
    This data identifies whether the building is in use and describes how many occupants there are, where they are in the building, and their comfort needs.
  • Equipment Information
    This tells you how many plugged devices and systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning [HVAC], lights, TV, appliances) are operating. It also tells you if there are any equipment problems that require maintenance or equipment replacement.
  • Record Analysis
    Akeptus™ takes occupant preferences into account, continuously learning your needs and patterns. In other words, if you had an energy analyst at your kitchen table, they could maximize your comfort while minimizing your energy cost.
We want to give you an overview of how Akeptus™ functionsAnd a quick picture of how those functions can improve your lifeAkeptus™ has been built to empower users in fighting climate change. Though it’s extremely high tech, it’s completely human-centric. These are the essential ways that Akeptus™ functions in your home:
  • Comfortable

    Akeptus™ always prioritizes occupant comfort while working overtime to save you energy costs.

  • Intuitive

    Akeptus™ responds intuitively to your changing needs and recognizes your usage patterns.

  • Smart

    Akeptus™ recommends adjustments that eliminate energy waste while keeping you comfortable.

  • Visual

    Akeptus™ shows you—in visual form, not technobabble—everything you need to know to manage energy usage and cost.

  • Proactive

    Akeptus™ “diagnoses” your residence and suggests preventive measures that can proactively save you energy usage/cost.

  • Utilitarian

    It monitors all equipment and systems so your residence runs as efficiently as possible.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Akeptus™ identifies inefficient energy usage in indoor temperature and lighting, allowing you to address the cause.

  • Automated

    Akeptus™ can be programmed to automatically complete tasks that improve the function of your residence.

  • Permanent

    Akeptus™ monitors your monthly energy consumption, helping you save on energy costs.

  • Mindful

    Akeptus™ tells you when equipment requires maintenance, an energy consumption audit, or replacement.

  • Omniscient

    Akeptus™ gives homeowners the ability to customize settings and to learn from past energy usage experiences.

  • Prevent Leaky Loss

    Did you know that the average household can lose up to 90 gallons of water per day, resulting in 10,000 gallons of water wasted per year? Akeptus helps you identify and stop leaks before your money floats away.

  • Prevent Water Woes

    Water damage from appliances and plumbing issues is a leading cause of insurance claims, averaging $6K-$10K each time. Akeptus helps you stay a step ahead of potential issues to protect your home and your budget.

  • Improve Indoor omfort

    You may not know it, but your thermostat can help save you money. Beyond simple on/off, programmable features, Akeptus controls connected devices work to support your budget’s comfort level.

  • Puts You In Control

    Comfort means different things to different people, like whether 67° is too hot or too cold or knowing your indoor air quality delivers a breath of fresh air. Akeptus puts you in control of what makes you comfortable with helpful insights to common issues whilst at the same time making sure you use less energy to achieve your goals.

Where to next?

Now that you know more about Akeptus’s Benefits, click on “Akeptus™’s Beliefs” to learn more about what drives us to offer Akeptus to the market.

Akeptus’s Beliefs